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Vacations are very important:

Vacations provide a healthy escape from the intensity and obligations of everyday life.

  • Vacations allow us to relate to family members and friends in a relaxed and personal way that refreshes and deepens our most important relationships.
  • Vacations provide an opportunity to learn, experience, and appreciate new cultures, lands, languages, food, music, art – there is no end to the discoveries awaiting the world traveler.
  • Vacations introduce us to new and interesting people who sometimes even become important people in our lives.
  • Vacations give us new energy and fresh perspectives to enhance our lives once we are home.
  • Vacations are few and far between.

We at Travel Wizards really understand and respect how important vacations are to you. With almost 300 years of combined travel planning experience under our roof, having started in 1981, we have planned all types of vacations and our loyal clientele keeps coming back for more.

On just about any day of the year, we have clients traveling for romantic getaways, honeymoons, reunions, and celebrations of anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations. They are traveling singly, as couples, as families, as small groups, and as tour groups organized by the Wizards. They are vacationing on land, on water, and in the air, in cities and in the country, in the mountains and on the beach. We do it all almost every day.

Knowledge for You to Tap

The Wizards have planned vacations all over the world in resorts of all kinds, on cruise ships large and small, in classic city hotels, in country inns and villas, on African safaris, and on round-the-world adventures. Somebody on the Wizards team has probably even been to where you want to go or at least has personally planned the same trip.

We know the destinations, we know the accommodations, we know the guides, and we know the best restaurants and sights. We often even know the people where you are going and can then guarantee the ultimate in personal care.

Knowing the Ropes

Professionals know more than amateurs. We are reminded of that whenever we talk to somebody who has studied and practiced a profession or business and divulges so much more than we ever knew. In travel, it’s one thing to know your product and quite another to know how to plan it and how to squeeze every hidden perk, cost savings, and protection out of it. You can book your own travel online, but you won’t have access to the Travel Wizards contacts at the destinations and the carriers. You won’t know what perks, discounts, and upgrades are available only to members of Virtuoso. You won’t be able to evaluate the small print of travel insurance policies. You won’t have the sales volume clout to negotiate customization or pricing. You want have a partner to rescue you if anything goes wrong. It pays (and doesn’t cost) to work with a travel professional who knows the ropes.

Professional Services

Some people really enjoy planning their own vacations. They feel like their advance research and planning are giving them a head-start on the trip, that they have maximum control over decision-making, and that they are saving money by doing everything themselves.

We at Travel Wizards understand that. We love planning vacations, too. But we also realize that you can do all the research you want and still miss out on options, opportunities, and deals that a professional planner can offer.

Travel professionals are compensated by commissions paid by suppliers. Our services – with the rare exception of certain agreed-upon fee-based services.

Booking a cruise or a hotel stay or a grand-luxe tour will cost you no more with us than it would if you shopped directly. Plus, we often have access to special pricing and perks that could wind up saving you money or getting you more for your money. And you get us – to attend to all the details, be your personal guide, and come to your rescue if things go wrong. Taking advantage of the professional services of a good travel planner should be a no-brainer. Do your own research and planning if you want. Then come to us to make what you found even better.

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