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You cannot just like or not like cruising. There are so many different ways to cruise that you can love one with a passion and another not at all.

There are floating behemoths that are virtually a resort, a city, and a theme park all wrapped up into one multi-thousand-person experience. There are mid-size ships that offer the highest level of luxury to be found anywhere. There are river cruisers that take about 150 passengers right into the historic centers of many of the world’s greatest cities. There are classic gulets that transport as few as two or three couples along the ancient coast and beaches of Turkey. There’s truly a cruise style for just about anyone’s age, taste, interests – and budget.

Why Cruising is the Fastest-Growing Type of Travel Today

In addition to the huge variety of types of cruise ships, styles, and destinations, there are a number of other significant reasons that cruising is the fastest-growing segment of the travel universe:

  • great value compared to land resorts
  • your choice of concentration on destination immersion (as on river cruises) or on on-board indulgence (as on resorts at sea) or everything in between
  • the height of luxury with formality optional
  • all-inclusive packages
  • checking in and unpacking only once
  • customizing the trip to your preferences
  • avoiding long drives by car or bus to get to where you want to be or to see what you want to see
  • the chance to enrich your vacation with a land (or water) extension before or after the cruise
  • the opportunity to travel hassle-free as a family, a group of friends, a common- interest organization, business associates, a couple, or even a single

Why You Should Plan Your Next Cruise with Travel Wizards

There are overriding reasons why you should plan your next cruise with us:

  • We are a mid-size company capable of providing attentive professional and personal service in the most talked-about categories in cruising today: mid-size liners and river cruises
  • We are big enough and have been in the travel business long enough (since 1981) to be able to offer you insider and hassle-free access to all cruise lines, trip customization, and the expertise and special deals unavailable to solo agents and start-ups.
  • We provide virtually all professional services to you.

Our Commitment to Exceed Your Highest Expectations

Travel Wizards helps its clients find just the right cruise for their needs, be it a huge resort-at sea, a luxurious mid-size ship, a destination-focused river cruiser, or an intimate barge or Turkish gullet. While cruising in general is the fastest growing type of travel, the Wizards’ clients have been specifically drawn to the mid-size liners and river cruisers that allow them to fully experience destinations as well as indulge in on-board luxury. These ships are the perfect solution for seasoned ocean cruisers looking for a more personal, intimate, and destination-oriented experience and for seasoned land travelers looking for the convenience of one-time check-in at a five-star hotel that does the driving for them.

We are confident that we can find you just the right cruise, be it for a romantic get-away for two, a group vacation for family or friends, or a unique opportunity to conduct business meetings at a cost surprisingly less than at comparable venues on land. With the special expertise of Travel Wizards and our purchasing clout with all the best cruise lines, we can customize your trip, secure special deals, and negotiate add-ons that cannot be done by large, inflexible agencies or by individuals without the contacts and business volume to promote your individual objectives.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations to such an extent that you can't wait to refer us to your friends and associates.

Professional Services

Travel professionals are compensated by commissions paid by suppliers. Our services – with the rare exception of certain agreed-upon fee-based services.

Booking a cruise with us will cost you no more than it would if you shopped directly. Plus, we often have access to special pricing and perks that could wind up saving you money or getting you more for your money. And you get us – to help you choose the right cruise for your particular needs, to attend to all the details, to be your personal guide, and to come to your rescue if things go wrong. Taking advantage of the professional services of a good travel planner when you first start thinking about a cruise should be a no-brainer.

Travel Wizards provides exceptional value, expertise, and personal service in travel planning. At no cost to you. Let the Wizards prove ourselves as soon as you begin thinking about your next trip, any trip – be it for a romantic get-away, a family vacation, a company or group trip, a honeymoon, or a birthday, anniversary, or graduation celebration. You might be surprised to find it's a cruise.

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